GIFBot v4 In Progress!

The fourth patch is currently underway for GIFBot. In this version we’re introducing a number of features:

  • Animation organization options – you may now create folders for your animations and categorize them!
  • Removal of the need for the second oauth token.
  • A back-end database to store your followers and laying the groundwork for GIFBot currency.
  • Follower goals for triggering animations (e.g. every 10 followers you trigger a big celebration).
  • Cheer support for partnered streamers!
  • Updated the video player so that it will no longer display black bars around the videos. Also added a delay field to avoid flicker on load.
  • Improved performance DRASTICALLY – basically cutting CPU requirements in half.

We’ve also been testing a Trivia game in my streams for the past two weeks. It likely won’t make it into this release, but definitely the next. There’s a lot of things I need to tweak and polish. The next version after this will likely be a mini-game setup, including a fighting/racing game and polling.