GIFBot is an interactive entertainment bot for Twitch streamers. It was originally created as somewhat of a gimmick for a handful of streamers in the imagiNATION stream team. It has since grown quite a bit! I don’t mind offering it free for people to use, but please bear in mind that I am a mother, a full-time software engineer, and a partnered streamer. Oftentimes I may be slow to meet requests for new features or technical help. I do still actively work on the bot, but only once a week. I stream it occasionally on my channel!

If you’re OK with not having commercial-level support for a free bot, you’re more than welcome to download the bot from my Discord’s #gifbot_releases channel – When you join, you will only be able to see 2 rooms. Introduce yourself and wait for a mod to grant you the correct role to see the rooms:

[Fiercekittenz Discord]

Please note that some users have experienced issues with virus scanners having a hissy fit over the application. That’s because it isn’t signed by Microsoft (costs $$$) and makes a connection to Twitch’s IRC servers.